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I'm sorry you're going through a tough time. Take a couple of days off work and relax. Eat. Sleep. Hangout with friends. And figure out what it is ou're passionate about and what you have to do to get there. I really hope this doesn't sound condescending or whatever. I just was trying to make you feel better. If I did the opposite, then I sincerely apologize.

You don’t sound condescending. But I think I’ve actually had too much time off at this point. I’ve been doing nothing at all. But thanks. I appreciate what you’re saying, still. Sorry you had to read my awful sentiments and thanks for taking the time to send a message. Thanks.


19th April 2014 22:44
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Is there much of a Starkid/AVPM fandom on tumblr? Do you have any blog recs? Thanks


Well, loads of people have seen AVPM/S/SY but I think there are only a couple of thousand people in the starkid fandom


They’re two of my faves
I’ll make a page of my favourites soon

Whaaa I just saw this
Thank you!
I dont post as much StarKid as I used to, I’ll work on that! But I do have my StarKid page/link on my blog which has stuff.
Again thanks!



19th April 2014 22:06
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Omg Ultimate Band you surprise me everytime. Now you have Fall Out Boy

19th April 2014 21:27
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I remember all the Doctor Who fanfics I used to read where Rose often got badly stereotyped as a damsel in distress whom the Doctor had to swoop in and save and smooch but the way I remember Doctor Who 90% of their relationship was the Doctor just setting Rose loose on people who had done something to offend them and sitting back giggling in the corner as she shouted




19th April 2014 21:00
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  • America: What is your favourite place to eat?
  • Australia: Do you have any quirks when speaking?
  • Austria: What kind of person do you wish to be?
  • Belarus: Is there anyone you love? Family, friends, romantic interest?
  • Belgium: What do you think of your siblings?
  • Botswana: Do you like to sing? Why or why not?
  • Bulgaria: Who do you consider close to you?
  • Cameroon: Describe your culture.
  • Canada: Favourite wintertime activity?
  • China: What was the best moment of your life?
  • Cuba: What sort of grudges do you hold if any?
  • Cyprus: What hands-on activities do you like (drawing, carving, building, etc.)?
  • Denmark: Do you wish for something of your past?
  • Egypt: Do you stand up for what you believe in? How?
  • England: Are you controlling?
  • Estonia: Do you think people often misunderstand you?
  • Finland: What do you prefer, kindness, sternness, or apathy?
  • France: How do you show love for those you care for?
  • Germania: What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?
  • Germany: Do you have a hard time forgiving yourself?
  • Ghana: What is your favourite sport?
  • Greece: Do you let other help you when in need?
  • Hungary: Who is the person you trust most?
  • Hutt River: What is the most memorable dream or nightmare you have had?
  • Hong Kong: Do you fear death?
  • Iceland: Do you hide your real personality? Why?
  • India: How important is family to you?
  • Japan: Tell us a secret about yourself.
  • Kenya: What is your favourite wild animal?
  • Korea: What is one thing you accomplished by yourself?
  • Kugelmugel: Is there anyone you have a love-hate relationship with?
  • Latvia: Do you believe you are brave?
  • Ladonia: What is the internet site you visit most often?
  • Liechtenstein: How do people underestimate you most often?
  • Lithuania: Do you desire power?
  • Macau: What is your favourite festival or celebration?
  • Molossia: Do you consider yourself strong?
  • Monaco: Do you think you are a lucky person?
  • New Zealand: Would you rather be an elf, dwarf, Hobbit, or wizard?
  • North Italy: What is your least favourite part of your personality?
  • Norway: What was the most disappointing time in your life?
  • Netherlands: Most generous thing someone has done for you?
  • Poland: Hardest thing you have gone through?
  • Prussia: Would you prefer to live forever or die alone?
  • Roman Empire: How would you like to be remembered?
  • Romania: What is something you are very ashamed of?
  • Russia: Have you ever suffered from low self esteem? Do you still?
  • Sealand: Who is your best friend?
  • Seborga: What is your favourite beverage?
  • Seychelles: How do you handle people being rude to you?
  • South Italy: What is your favourite part of your personality?
  • Spain: What would you tell to the person or people you hurt most if you had a second chance?
  • Sweden: Are you a leader, follower, or independent?
  • Switzerland: Would you consider yourself evil, good, or neutral?
  • Thailand: How good is your poker face?
  • Tibet: What do you value most?
  • Taiwan: What do you think of the people or person who raised you?
  • Turkey: Would you ever want children?
  • Uganda: How would you like others to see you?
  • Ukraine: What is one thing that has made you stronger in life?
  • Vietnam: What is something you are proud of about yourself?
  • Yemen: What kind of art do you like?
  • Zimbabwe: Who is your favourite character from any folklore?
  • oh, oh, pretty please, amuse me. : )
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*writes “like” on a cigarette and puts it in my mouth*

It’s a simile.